New York Visit

New York Visit

Below are a number of my favourite images taken of New York City.

‘Yellow Taxi, New York City’ was taken in the reflection of a shop window on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. It not only shows an iconic yellow cab but also captures the hustle and bustle of the city through the queued traffic and pedestrians walking by.

Next we have a monochrome shot of The Guggenheim Museum which is located on the east side of Central Park. The picture captures the unique architecture of what can only be described as one of New York’s finest buildings.

Another monochrome shot – this one looking down on east mid Manhattan from the Rockefeller Centre (more commonly known as ‘Top of the Rock). I love the contrasting tones in this image and although it covers just a small part of Manhattan I feel it somehow gives a real perspective of the sheer size of New York.

The penultimate image is of The Statue of Liberty taken at sunset from the Staten Island Ferry. It’s one of my favourite images and again shows an iconic structure recognised instantly across the globe.

Lastly we have an evening shot of the Manhattan skyline. The bright light on the left side of the image show Times Square which is some spectacle in the evening!

I hope you like the image.


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