5 Reasons Why Black and White Photography Is A Must

There’s just something so beautiful about black and white wedding photography which compliments the vibrant colour images I provide each and every couple with. Also known as monochrome, it adds such a magical feel to the special moments that we capture.

So why is this? Let me explain why black and white photography is a must for wedding photography…

1. Timeless

This is perhaps the most important reason. Weddings are a snapshot in time and fashion changes. While it’s tempting to be drawn in by the latest en vogue photographers overlay pre-set, black and white images always stand the test of time. You will never regret choosing a wedding photographer who has the ability to capture stunning black and white images for you and your family to look back on in years to come.

2. Enhances Raw Emotion

There’s no doubt that black and white images help enhance the raw emotion on the faces of the wedding party and their guests. Whether it be tears, smiles or quirky moments, your eye – with the absence of colour in the image – is naturally drawn closer to the subject matter. Have a look at the 6 images below…

3. Makes for a Dramatic Image

Black and white images often add more of a dramatic feel to what is captured. We’ve heard about how the raw emotion is enhanced but so too is the weather and the landscape around us which is ideal when we’re capturing unique couple portraits. The images below help illustrate this point. The weather and rock formation on Elie Beachreally stand out despite the focus still being on the happy couple. In short, the character of the subject matter really comes to the fore here in black and white.

4. Produces Stunning Images In Low Lighting

The fast paced nature of documentary wedding photography means that it’s not always possible to capture images in perfect light. Shooting these in black and white can really help by turning an average image into a stunning one. Take this dance floor image captured at Merrydale Manor shot in black and white your eye is instantly drawn to the bride’s stunning dress as happy guests look on.

5. Artistic & Classy Look

If timeless is the most important reason, this is perhaps my favourite one! As a Glasgow wedding photographer, a key aim for me is to add a classy and artistic look to images which will delight the couples I work with. This doesn’t always have to be with the use of prisms, reflections or creative lighting though. It can be achieved simply by shooting in black and white. See what you think of the 6 images below…

So that’s it; five reasons which black and white images should always play a key part in your wedding album! If you’ve recently got engaged or are planning your wedding I’d love to hear all about it. Please have a look though my website and use the contact form to check on availability and have any questions answered that you may have.

Take care,

Isaac Craig Photography